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When you think of chiropractors, do you think of bone-crunching, jarring treatments? Awaken Well Chiropractic wants to change that. We offer network chiropractic care, including network spinal analysis, to clients in and around Kennewick, WA. This is a gentle, safe and highly effective treatment that uses breathing techniques and light spinal manipulation to release tension in the body. You can expect a peaceful, stress-free experience.

Those who get regular network chiropractic care often see a great improvement in their quality of life. Call 509-736-5400 now to make an appointment.

Network Spinal Analysis is part of the reorganizational healing model. There is no twisting or cracking of the spine, which makes it easier on the patients' body. Sometimes referred to as network chiropractic or network care, this is a very helpful technique. One of the key elements of Network Spinal Analysis is to teach one to connect with their body better helping the self healing process.

Explore the benefits of network spinal analysis

Network spinal analysis involves precise, low-force touches along the spine to promote health and wellness. It could also...

  • Improve your ability to adapt to stress
  • Relieve the symptoms of chronic stress
  • Increase your energy throughout the day
This treatment is safe for nearly everyone, including infants and the elderly. Have questions about network spinal analysis? Contact a chiropractor in Kennewick, WA today.