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Have you been feeling out-of-touch with yourself lately? The day-to-day stressors we experience can lead to feeling burnt out, stressed and disconnected. If you're looking for a way to achieve a mind and body connection, turn to Awaken Well Chiropractic. We offer somato respiratory integration services to clients in Kennewick, WA. This 12-stage approach to wellness reflects the 12 rhythms of consciousness of humanity and can help you work toward healing.

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Who should look into somato respiratory integration?

Pay attention to your body, and it will tell you when it needs healing. You may need somato respiratory integration services if...

  • You have a recurring sickness and long-term illness
  • You have feelings of emptiness and longing for no apparent reason
  • You've experienced a major hardship, trauma of life-changing event
  • You're stuck in a pattern of self-destructive behavior
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